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After a review of that information, the matter was referred to the accountability commission in November.

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It is dependent, in large part, on what the media currently dictates will work for immediate attraction for each gender.

Men need to: make sure they have decent abs, hopefully hair, disposable income, a decent vehicle, a penis that works, and an easy-going, confident manner.

Except in very traditional, still existing social environments, that pattern has all but disintegrated.

Now the typical sequence is more like this: relationship-seekers meet on-line or at a random event knowing full well they may never discover who that person really is.

It can’t show how much time they may have wasted in the past on hopes that didn’t materialize, or if they are pessimistic in any way.

If they are to be successful touch-and-go partners, those behaviors might signal too much neediness or reveal limited options.

The availability of the massive options offered by social media has given people more choices for potential partners than have ever existed before.

They try to appear as courageous and non-committal on the outside as they can, and hide any vulnerabilities or disappointments they might feel on the inside.

The touch-and-go skill set that people need to maneuver in that kind of a high-risk, no map, quick intimacy pattern is vastly different from the one needed in order to make a long-term relationship work.

It is all too easy to fall prey to the twin demons of cynicism and pessimism as each new hope fades.

Many start questioning: “Maybe long-term relationships aren’t even desirable, let alone possible.