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Gewöhnlich kommt dabei die USB-Schnittstelle zum Einsatz, wenige Kameras (häufig hochwertigere) verwenden die Fire Wire-Schnittstelle. Von manchen Herstellern werden auch speziell für die Verwendung als Internet-Webcam ausgestattete Kameras angeboten (Netzwerkkameras), welche direkt per Internetprotokoll via Ethernet oder WLAN angebunden werden. Beim Einsatz für Videokonferenzen oder andere „Live“-Zwecke ist wichtig, wie viele Bilder pro Sekunde die Kamera aufnehmen kann.
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I think that at the moment the Chinese state is too rigid to facilitate "free trade unions", though there are elements within the Party that support them to some extent.This could change with further surges of the class struggle which, along with social protests, show no sign of abating.If the Chinese people can successfully break the control of the CPC over Labour associations and Unions then this is no longer a guarantee.

As Reddibrek says above, the strikes breaking out all over China are wildcats overwhelming the present union structure - and a strong force against state repression.It's estimated that if pollution were accounted for in China it would halve its already falling growth rate.The hundreds of thousands of deaths a year, the rampant ill-health, as a direct result of pollution, can also be added to the balance-sheet.But in others – perhaps those that quickly gain a national and international following – they will give away an inch for fear of losing a mile.The release of twenty-one “suspected criminals” after “receiving criticism and education and repenting for their mistakes”, would seem to confirm this analysis.The speed at which the government caved-in highlights Communist Party fears of a nationwide uprising, as the export-led economy starts to show signs of collapse.