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In the Lao language, the country's name is "Muang Lao" ( An ancient human skull was recovered from the Tam Pa Ling Cave in the Annamite Mountains in northern Laos; the skull is at least 46,000 years old, making it the oldest modern human fossil found to date in Southeast Asia.

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Doron Ofir Casting is seeking couples at a crossroad in their relationship for a groundbreaking new series that helps couples make the critical decision: should they make up or break up?

Selected couples will be filmed in front of a small studio audience as they meet with our relationship expert.

We’re selecting a handful of girls and guys who are at least 21 years old with killer personalities and attitude for days.

You must be willing to devote this summer to this noble goal, we’re inviting you to help us throw the ultimate party and leave it all on the sand with no regrets. Apply Now at Doron Ofir Casting would like to explore the fabulously iconic relationships that only a gay man and his best female friend share.

Either nothing is changing or you're waiting for a big event to make life better.

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For the first time ever viewers will be tuning in LIVE and connecting with daters from around the country for Date Night.We could all use some outside perspective when figuring out whether to stay or go.Things you once thought were cute or never even noticed are now driving you crazy, maybe it’s his snoring, he's cheap, or that toxic friend who is always around, but it’s time to handle it.Maybe going separate ways will mean you’re actually, finally going somewhere.You're carefully avoiding certain subjects because you don't feel like fighting, crying, or dealing with passive aggressive snarkiness, there are some things you guys know you just can't talk about. Then live like it’s the last days on earth and have the greatest summer of your lives!