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A little boy who'd thrown a tantrum after his father had refused to buy him a balloon at the fair.The akumatized boy floated into view held aloft by a mass of brightly colored balloons.

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but i am not the first one in the family to go to Myanmar.Chat decided he'd much rather float then fall."I'm pretty sure that the Cataclysm is too much for string. Even from this high up Chat could hear Ladybug sigh with annoyance."Then use your claws!What if it backfires and something bad happens to me. "Chat shook his head vehemently in response."Quit being such a scaredy cat." Ladybug demanded. She quickly shoved Chat Noir into her closet and closed the door, then opened her bedroom door and allowed Alya to enter. The only thing he could hear was muffled voices from behind the closet door."Oh, well, I'm fine." "Did you tell Adrien yet? " "I know that…" Marinette said, lowering her voice and hoping for Alya to be quiet as well. She wrapped her arms around Marinette and gave her a gentle but warm hug, then left the room. After Alya left, Chat Noir opened the closet door and stepped closer to Marinette. The first thing he saw once he looked back at her was tears. "I didn't want…you to find out like…this…" Chat set the pregnancy test on the dresser, then gently pulled Marinette closer to him. Hawk moth opened his mouth to shout out, but it was useless. " "I came by to check on you."Chat Noir pressed his ear against the door to try and make out what they were saying. " "Soon, I guess." "If you don't tell him, then I will. This is something that you seriously need to inform him about! Marinette kept her head down as she turned around and faced him. She pulled the pregnancy test out from under her pillow and handed it to him without saying a word. He looked away from it to get a good look at Marinette. " "I was scared that…you'd leave me…that you wouldn't accept it…" "No, Marinette. You know I'll always be here no matter what happens." He placed his hands on her cheeks and gazed down into her deep blue eyes. "I'm going to be using your power, Gabriel." Andreas said, holding up one hand towards him. " Hawk Moth asked, raising one eyebrow."Yes," Andreas replied. You will do what I say, and you will do it exactly how I tell you to.""I will never follow you."He snickered lightly and snapped his fingers. Hawk glanced at Loup Blanc and said "I thought you were on my side!