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You’ll even find articles right in their national newspaper, the Costa Rican Times, exploring the role of prostitution in Costa Rican society.

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After his father's death, Al reminisces about him from time to time and still tries to talk to him, even seeing him as a ghost in his living room in Desperately Seeking Miss October and hearing his voice from the afterlife when he's about to tear down his room in If Al Had A Hammer.

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Besides the Wankers, Al's family also attended their wedding, with Al's father trying to flirt with Peg at the reception, telling her "If you like my son, I'm twice as fun" Al often gives the appearance and the opinion that he cannot stand his family, often making degrading and insulting remarks to them, and threatening physical violence against his wife, Peggy Bundy and his son, Bud Bundy.

In The Proposition, he mentions that he would have gone professional but ended up with "...a bum knee and an even bummer wife." It is implied that he had many women during his high school years, due to him being on the football team, before meeting Margret "Peggy" Wanker and from there, his luck seemed to go downhill.

Some of the women have been: split the school down the middle.

In Requiem for a Chevyweight Part I, Al has a flashback where he and his dad work on the Dodge that he just bought and then mentions that he's going out with the "grooviest chick in school" named Peggy Wanker to see the Rolling Stones perform.

His dad warns him to not let her get her hooks into him, but Al doesn't seem to care for the advice, claiming that she worships the ground he walks on and listens to him.