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Amid the shadows, Ruth maintained a poise and a serenity which even her mother-in-law must have coveted.When happy homes are ravaged by death, it requires grace to say, “The Lord gave, the Lord hath taken away.Both meanings of the name were true of Ruth, for as a beautiful girl from Moab she was certainly a sight worth seeing, and her character revealed her to be a woman capable of rare friendship.It took the grace of God to befriend a bitter woman as Naomi became, but Ruth was bound to her mother-in-law by the cords of love, and literature has no exhibition of friendship comparable to that dramatic episode on the way to Bethlehem ().As famine had passed in Bethlehem, the decision was made to pull up stakes and return to her own country and people, perhaps with a faint hope that God would prove Himself to be the Guardian of widows.“Let thy widows trust in me.” What about Ruth and Orpah?

In her happier days with Mahlon, and then in her desolation and bereavement, Ruth found in Naomi a home for her heart.

We have dear friends like Ruth who cling to us, and others like Orpah whose friendship is only veneer and who quickly leave us (see ).

Scripture gives us a fivefold profile of this famous Moabitess—The first glimpse we have of Ruth is as a young wife robbed by death of her husband.

As to its significance, we cannot do better than the interpretation Wilkinson gives us in his Personal Names of the Bible, in the chapter on “Heathen Names” &--; The most distinguished person of the Moabitish race is Ruth, who became the wife of Boaz, and ancestress of David.

Her name is a contraction of reuth, which may either be the word for “the act of seeing,” “sight” and hence, as in English, objectively “a sight,” “something worth seeing”—or the word for “friendship” or “a female friend,” like reu in Reuel, “friend of God.” If the former etymology be adopted, we must ascribe the name to the early beauty of the child; if the latter, it may be due to the exhibition in infancy of that amiable and affectionate disposition which was so characteristic of the woman.