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There are blondes, brunettes, Oriental girls willing to form a bond with you.
The German-owned, British-based company achieved record sales last year with the delivery of 3,600 cars.

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In order to be loved and accepted for who we are, we must allow those who have earned the right to hear our stories also witness our vulnerability.

A Sex Kitten knows that to be loved and accepted, she has to be herself.

Sleep soundly under a warm blanket of post-coital bliss. Step Four: The next time that you are together, make sure the encounter does not include sex.

Make him connect with you emotionally and don't mention the great sex you had.

A Sex Kitten knows that she has to care for herself: body, mind and soul.

But let me tell you something, darling: my personal experiences as well as well as the results my clients have seen has convinced me that I’m on to something. It isn’t about wearing sexy clothes, five inch stilettos or red lipstick.It’s also about having deep faith in yourself as you courageously dive into living life on your terms. While Brene Brown was researching for her book The Gifts of Imperfection, she discovered that it wasn’t that happy people were grateful; she found that grateful people experienced more joy.A Sex Kitten knows that focusing on gratitude and keeping a gratitude journal is a fabulous way to see the upside of life.Believe it or not, guys do feel emotional attachment after sex, but they try to ignore and deny it.The brief, pre-slumber moments after a man is completely sexually satisfied are filled with contemplation.Well, let me tell you, I have been that guy and as soon as the sun came up, the sex kitten in my arms didn't become the "love of my life," she became "the lust of my life." Contrary to what most women believe, giving a guy the best sex of his life does not get you any closer to his heart, but it can lead you to HIS TIPPING POINT, that critical time when a man's sexual satisfaction opens the emotional pathway for him to fall in love.